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As of 2020-04-17:

Please note that due to the current circumstances all sales are final. Returns or Exchanges cannot be accepted until further notice. We are very sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.

Conditions of Use

Buffalo Airwear and its associates provide their service under the following terms and conditions. By shopping on our website or using our website, you as a customer and/or user agree on these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Buffalo Airwear, operates "http://airwear.bigcartel.com/". This term informs you about our policies regarding Shopping, Personal Information and Data Security and Safety. We use personal data and information only for improving Buffalo Airwear as an online and physical store, as well as for shipping and payment options via our payment engine PayPal. By using this site, you agree on the above mentioned use of your personal data that you share with us or that is provided to us through Cookies*. We do receive your log data and your personal and payment information, when you go through the checkout process. We as Buffalo Airwear guarantee a professional and secure treatment of your data at any point in time.


We and our partner websites use cookies and other targeting technologies on our websites. Cookies are data that is stored on your device, showing us if you are a repeating customer or a new one. By using this website you agree on our use of Cookies and the above mentioned technologies. Cookies usually expire after a certain period of time. 


By using our website Buffalo Airwear or our partner websites, you are communicating with us on an electronical basis. By sending us e-mails or PayPal messages and cases the same happens. With every order you make on our site, you agree on our communications system. That includes, that we automatically put your first name, last name and email adress on our E-Mail Newsletter list. We reserve the right to send you advertising e-mails like e-mail-newsletters and information e-mails from then on. In other words, by checking out on our page/buying products, you give us permission to send you automated e-mails. Our E-Mail Newsletter System is driven through a Newsletter engine and is subject to the conditions of our privacy policy. We also reserve the right to call, e-mail or contact you in any other way at any point in time, if we think it is necessary. Reasons for that can be for example missing address information or lost shipments.


All content on Buffalo Airwear and its partner websites such as pictures, photos, videos, texts, descriptions, logos, etc. are the property of Buffalo Airwear, Buffalo Air Express or Buffalo Airways Limited or their content suppliers and are protected by international and national copyright laws. The designs on our products are protected by the copyright of Buffalo Airwear and its product suppliers and are not available for copies, reprints, negative prints or product fakes. Buffalo Airwear reserves the right to follow up any breaking of the law regarding our trademarks, logos or products. All photos, copyrights, etc. that appear on this site are the friendly donation of their respective owners, who may not be connected to Buffalo Airwear, Buffalo Airways, Buffalo Air Express and will not be sponsored by each of the above mentioned companies or their subsidiaries.

Licences and Access

Buffalo Airwear gives you a limited access to this site and its products for your personal use. Do not download this website. Do not copy it in any way and do not duplicate it (etc.). Do not use this site for any commercial purpose. You may not use any of our property anywhere. Buffalo Airwear will follow up any of these actions with lawsuit.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Buffalo Airwear uses Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We observe our traffic and main characteristics of our users. We track pageviews, visits, bounces, visitors, time on site, etc. for our page. Our page is implemented and subscripted to appear in the Google Search.

Reviews, Social Media, Questions & Contact 

If you want to leave a review, you can send us an e-mail to info.buffaloairwear@gmail.com or visit our social media pages under the name "Buffalo Airways". For contact and questions please visit our FAQ page or use our e-mail address, telephone number or contact form on the website. Buffalo Airwear does not take responsibility for anything posted or shared by you or third parties.

Information provided by you

You may not impersonate, give wrong or false data or provide untrue personal information in the payment process. Youmay not use a wrong e-mail address. We need to be able to reach out to you over your e-mail address at any point in time. We reserve the right to cancel an order after 60 days, if we cannot reach a customer. Buffalo Airwear does not take responsibility for longer shipping times or no shipping at all because of wrong information provided by you.

Risk of Loss

All our shipments are made through couriers and delivery services (either Canada Post or UPS). This means that the risk of loss is passed to you upon our delivery to the courier.

Guarantee of Accuracy

Buffalo Airwear tries to make product and item descriptions as accurate as possible. However, we cannot guarantee or warrant that the descriptions or any information given on this site is accurate or reliable. Orders are made at your own risk and all data is provided without guarantee of correctness.

Applicable Law

By visiting Buffalo Airwear and using our services, you agree on the laws of the Northwest-Territories, Canada. This website is subject to the law of the Northwest-Territories. In legal limbo cases or inexplicit interpretation of the province law, the national canadian law fills in.


Any violation or dispute relating in any way to your payment, order or visit to Buffalo Airwear may be filed int the province of the Northwest Territories, in the Yellowknife Court or any chosen court in the province by Buffalo Airwear. 

Comments Section

The comments section in our big cartel check out engine or at PayPal can be used for extra wishes. We try to respond to this wishes as best as possible, but we cannot guarantee that this section is read or that the wishes can be fulfilled when the order is processed.

Phone Number for Shipping

If you are ordering from outside Canada, we need your phone number for shipping. If you do not include your phone number in your order in the comment section, while checking out, we will send you an e-mail asking for your phone number shortly after your order was received by us. We will repeat asking you a total of 2 times. If we do not receive a response after the 2nd time, we explicitly reserve the right to send your order without your phone number at your own risk. We are not taking responsibility for any inconveniences caused by this shipment method. All shipments, sent out without a personal phone number happen at the buyers own risk. We as well reserving the right, that we do not need to inform the buyer about sending the order without a phone number after contacting him/her/it for the 2nd time.

Online Store: Void and Cancellation

Orders that are made through our Online Store can only be cancelled/voided before the items were shipped. With the beginning of the shipment process a cancellation of the order is not possible anymore. An address  change is not available at this point as well.

In case of a cancellation, the order will be stopped and the price plus shipping to the given PayPal account refunded. There is no other way of payment return. No items will be delivered.

GDPR and other Privacy Laws - your data is protected

Residents of the European Economic Area

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (“EEA”), you have certain rights and protections under the law regarding the processing of your personal data.

Legal Basis for Processing

If you are a resident of the EEA, when we process your personal data we will only do so in the following situations:

We need to use your personal data to perform our responsibilities under our contract with you (e.g., providing the services you have requested).

We have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data. For example, we may process your personal data to send you marketing communications, to communicate with you about changes to our Services, to address issues related to your store or account, and to provide, secure, and improve our Services.

Data Subject Requests

If you are a resident of the EEA, you have the right to access personal data we hold about you and to ask that your personal data be corrected, erased, or transferred. You may also have the right to object to, or request that we restrict, certain processing. If you would like to make any of these requests you can log into your your online dashboard. Alternatively, you may contact us as indicated below.

Questions or Complaints

If you are a resident of the EEA and have a concern about our processing of personal data that we are not able to resolve, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the data privacy authority where you reside. For contact details of your local Data Protection Authority, please see: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/article-29/structure/data-protection-authorities/index_en.htm

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: info.buffaloairwear@gmail.com

Other Page Policies

Please check out our other policies, such as shipping, returns and exchanges or the contact form.

Validity and Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our site, in the payment process, to the terms & conditions or any of our pages and appearances at any point in time and without mentioning it. The validity of the website or any provided information is not touched or affected, if any of these terms or conditions is invalid.