Second Hay River Coin

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These limited edition coins featuring Buffalo Joe's children, Rod, Kathy and Mikey, were minted by the Hay River Chamber of Commerce to commemorate Buffalo Airways.

The face of the coin features a relief of a DC-3, and the images of Rod, Kathy and Mikey McBryan. The back of the coin features the Hay River Chamber of Commerce logo and slogan - "Business Capital of the North."

We have purchased a small number of the 3000 coins to sell to fans as a collectable. This is the perfect gift for a real fan of the show and Buffalo Airways and also an addition to those who have purchased the first coin. We have kept the price at just $1 above face value on the coin (due to the limited number and collectable nature of the coin). Unfortunately the only place that you could spend this money is Hay River, so if you visit before the coin's expiry date on March 31, 2014 you can spend it on goods or services in town.

If you think you want one of these, make sure you order as soon as possible because they will not last long.

Note: due to the low price of this item we suggest that you ship with another item to make it worth the shipping costs.