Limited Edition Lathe Cut 7-inch record & Shirt. Numbered 1-50. (LIMITED)


Limited Edition Lathe Cut 7-inch record & Shirt. Numbered 1-50.

Side A: Buffalo Airways

Side B: Life, Hey Mikey!

About Lathe Cut Records:

Lathe cut records are cut in real time one-by-one. You will notice more 'noise' then a modern LP, the pops and crackles will be audible, even when your record is brand new.

The McRackins brand new song Buffalo Airways is now available on a custom clear Vinyl LP. You get the LP and T-Shirt. We have only pressed 50 of these so get one while you can!!

B-Side: A brand New Recording of Classic McRackins song “Life, Hey Mikey!”.

The McRackins are a Canadian pop punk band that was formed in 1994. Their song and album titles revolve around egg puns (i.e. "Bat Out of Shell") They have had approximately 70 releases from over 30 different record labels.

The McRackins nearly always play live in full costume and made up to look like two eggs and a dog. The band claims that they were transformed from men to two eggs and a dog and given super pop-punk powers as the result of a freak nuclear accident. The band consists of twin eggs Bil (guitar, vocals), Fil (bass) and dog Spot (drums).

*Orders will be shipped out starting December 6th.