Buffalo Joe's Vintage Aircraft Parts


Love aviation? Or how about a show piece for your office desk!
Then you need a piece of aviation history!

Joe is actually going to let some of his personal collection go and is getting rid of some various instruments.

In the second picture you can see numbers underneath the instruments. The numbers tell you which instrument to choose during your shopping process.

Please note, that we cannot give more information about the parts than given on this page. The parts are used parts out of Joe's collection and cannot be tracked down by us regarding aircraft type, serial number or production company.

We will restock the items regularly and frequently. We will not be able to provide any other items than the ones shown on here.

Note: The shipping costs are calculated after the weight and sizing of the item. These are used, not servicable indicators and instruments. We can neither warrant that they work, nor that all needles or lights are in the right place and working. We ask you clearly to abstain using this aircraft memorabilia in any vehicles.