Hawk Circle Package (LIMITED EDITION)

$38.00 On Sale

You are waiting to land on the carrier and do not know what to expect down there? No problem! Spending the time orbiting, you can just start shopping our Surprise Care Package here!

Including our Flat Spin Hat with Mikey's and Buffalo Joe's original Autograph, a Mystery Tee out of our Collection from Sizes Small to 5XL (not necessarily the shown shirt) and a Surprise Pin, you will definitely be the Star on USS Enterprise to USS Midway!

Tee shirts and pins are selected at random, we cannot take requests for this package. However, if you have already received a package and would like to omit previous styles from your selection so that you don't get duplicates, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

*Please mention your T-Shirt Size in the Comments while ordering!*