Got Oil? Buffalo Coffee Mug

Image of Got Oil? Buffalo Coffee Mug
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We had many,many, many requests for a Buffalo Airways traditional coffee mug, and here it is!

This 15oz ceramic mug was picked specifically because Joe thinks that anything smaller than 15oz it too small to drink coffee out of. This white mug features a green interior and large handle.

We had this mug printed with DC-3 PNR on the front, Joe's 'Summer Wages' plane, and 'got oil?' on the back.

This mug is a great gift for any Buffalo fan, and sure to be a conversation piece if used as your new office mug (just make sure it doesn't go missing! )

We are sorry that the cost of shipping is expensive. The weight of the mug unfortunately makes the cost of shipping to Europe costly. To help save of shipping we recommend that you order this item with some other Buffalo Airwear gear.