Airwear Advantage

AIRWEAR ADVANTAGE, the big rewards program from Buffalo Airways is here!

With AIRWEAR ADVANTAGE our members can earn exclusive access to their personal discount code for our Online Shop Buffalo Airwear. The discount code will be unique and connected to the member’s name. The member is asked to share the the code with friends and family to create an amazing shopping experience for everybody surrounding him or her.

AIRWEAR ADVANTAGE does not only work nationwide, but also worldwide over the Internet.

With an AIRWEAR ADVANTAGE Elite Aviator Card you can also go shopping in our Retail Store at 108 Berry Street, X1A 2R3 Yellowknife Canada.

How do I get the Elite Aviator Card?

Everyone who has shopped at our Online Store at least 4 (or more) times gets an Aviator Elite Card for free. The Card will be personalized and send to you via mail with instructions how to use it. Basically if you used the same email ordering Airwear 4 times in the past, your card is already on its way to you!

Everybody else will be able to purchase the Membership Card in our Online Store at to become part of the AIRWEAR ADVANTAGE Rewards Program. The cards will be available for purchase in the Online Store from next week on!

Cardholders will start off with a 20 percent discount on every purchase they (or their family and friends) make by using the membership code. After five uses of their personal discount code they will rise up to 25 percent. At 20 uses of the code the discount goes up to 30 percent. At 30 uses 30 percent discounts will be available and the final stage will be gained at 40 uses: 50 percent on everything!